On TextMate 2 Being A Free Lunch

Marco Arment on the promise that TextMate 2 would be a free update for TextMate 1 customers:

If the free-update offer still stands when TextMate 2 ships, I will not take you up on it. Iā€™m buying TextMate 2 as a new customer at full price. And I bet many other developers will gladly do the same.

Just as Marco, I use TextMate for about everything that has to do with text input other than coding Java and Obj-C. It is great for editing research papers in Latex. I use it for the occasional blogpost to this site. I have used it a long time to take notes ā€” although right now I am experimenting with alternate ways. It was the first program I bought when I switched to the Mac in 2006 ā€” the first program I had bought in years, as I came from a Linux environment.

I really like TextMate despite its small inconveniences.

Put TextMate 2 up for sale through the Mac App Store and I am buying it as a new customer at full price too.

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