“We Love Computers”

Kyle Brandt from Stack Exchange on why they do not outsource their server infrastructure to the cloud:

We are performance and control freaks and love to tweak everything including our hardware. If we outsourced our hosting to cloud computing, we would be outsourcing part of our passion. If you just want to use someone else’s computers, it means you don’t love computers.

This kind of complete vertical ownership reminds me of another company in a different industry. However, this line of thinking only works on a larger scale. This does not hold true for every single individual. We cannot be a systems’ integrator for every aspect of our life1. So our passion shifts.

(Thanks to Steven Van Bael for the pointer.)

  1. http://www.enterprisemobiletoday.com/news/article.php/3908741/Steve-Jobs-Blasts-Googles-Android-RIM.htm

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