Something Better

Andy Ihnatko in his piece on the new iPad unveiling:

If Apple were to release a truly revolutionary new iPad, then that would indicate that there was something wrong with the last one. Clearly, there’s no need. And the new iPad — yes, that does indeed appear to be its real name: “The new iPad” — is a great update. It represents a much, much greater jump above the iPad 2 than the iPad 2 was over the original.

Jonathan Ive, in a recent interview with the London Evening Standard, on what his goals are when setting out to build a new product:

Our goals are very simple —to design and make better products. If we can’t make something that is better, we won’t do it.


A display that the iPad has always deserved —but that wasn’t economically (and technically) possible until now. 4G LTE support —a feature that didn’t mean much a year ago. And a battery that takes up roughly the same room but that has a 70% increase in power output.

This is only a disappointment if you are both visually challenged and live in a non-LTE area or prefer the WiFi version instead.

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