The iPad is innovating where the PC couldn’t

Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror on the Post PC era —really, the iPad era:

iPad 3 reviews that complain “all they did was improve the display” are clueless bordering on stupidity. Tablets are pretty much by definition all display; nothing is more fundamental to the tablet experience than the quality of the display. These are the first iPads I’ve ever owned (and I’d argue, the first worth owning), and the display is as sublime as I always hoped it would be. The resolution and clarity are astounding, a joy to read on, and give me hope that one day we could potentially achieve near print resolution in computing. The new iPad screen is everything I’ve always wanted on my desktops and laptops for the last 5 years, but I could never get.

There are other advantages to the iPad that made the two previous version worth owning. However, the sublime display in the new iPad really finishes the job. It’s hard to think where Apple will go with the next iPad —besides lighter and thinner. My bet is on software.

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