Mountain Lion Downloads

Phil Schiller reporting on Mountain Lion’s release:

“Apple has announced that its latest Mac OS X version, Mountain Lion, has had three million downloads in just four days thereby making it the most successful OS in Cupertino’s history.

ModernGeek in a comment on Slashdot:

I have to wonder how many of these are people that received a free upgrade with their new Macintoshes… /didn’t rtfm

And the simple answer is: it doesn’t matter. Companies like Microsoft make money from selling software. They always talk about sales because that is what’s important for their bottom line. Apple, on the other hand, makes all its money from selling the hardware. They are trying to commoditize software by lowering its prices and shortening its release cycle (see the App Stores and iOS). It’s their goal to get more users to (want to) run their latest and greatest release, effectively adding additional value to their hardware products (e.g. iCloud), and potentially getting you to upgrade your hardware when it gets left behind (e.g. Siri).

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  1. Some features to attract customers: 3D Maps, Turn-by-turn navigation, Facebook integration.

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