Pull To Refresh

James Gowans on Pull-To-Refresh:

But what need or desire is compelling this action? What are we expecting to have transpired or changed in the brief moment since this application was opened? What update could possibly have been applied that would require another check so soon? This feeling is particularly insidious in regards to social media applications. What are we looking for when we pull-to-refresh?

I agree.

In addition —in a technological sense— I feel a (Pull-To) Refresh feature is adding to the problem instead of fixing it.

Created To Be Sold

Dustin Curtis on selecting “the best” products he can find, quotes Sori Yanagi, a Japanese product designer:

Things that are easy to use survive, regardless of what is fashionable, and people want to use them forever. But if things are created merely for a passing vogue and not for a purpose, people soon get bored with them and throw them away. The fundamental problem is that many products are created to be sold, not used.


The Apple Haters’ 7 Stages of Grief

Stream of Superior Consciousness reposting an anonymous forum comment1:

  1. Predict failure of new Apple product
  2. Attribute early success of new Apple product to rabid fanbois affected by the reality distortion field
  3. Attribute longer term success of product to stupidity of consumers
  4. Purchase previously scorned product for stupid relatives so they stop bothering you to help support the open source version of Apple product sold by Super Lucky Technology Extreme Inc. that you convinced them to buy
  5. Purchase previously scorned product for yourself just to see what all the fuss is about
  6. Admit that you now own and use the product, but complain about the product’s lack of SD card slot on random Internet forum
  7. Forget prior criticism of product, claim that it was revolutionary and an example of how Apple used to be really innovative, but has now lost its edge

Though, most Apple haters I know drop out after step 3.

  1. Yes, I’m aware of the irony. Pot. Kettle.