I’ve Started To Worry

I am truly surprised there isn’t more analysis happening on the rather remarkable interview that Phil Schiller allowed by the WSJ (Weak Shit, Journal).

Apple has sneered at or made fun of the competition before, most often during keynotes and the famous Mac vs. PC ad campaign. The most recent occasions I can remember are Siri making fun of Android during an intro of the WWDC 2012 keynote, and Schiller comparing the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini to Android in terms of screen real estate.

But this was different. This time Schiller apparently felt it was necessary to downplay Android and Samsung, although without mentioning the latter by name, on the eve of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S iv.

If I worked for Samsung or Google, this interview would put a smile on my face. It feels like Apple is truly, almost desperately, worried about this release. Why else grant an interview at this time, about this subject. Sometimes, it seems Apple is talking more about Android than Samsung is.

Times like these, I would welcome the Jobsian silence treatment. I’d almost feel this would warrant an “this wouldn’t have happened under Jobs” article.

I’ve started to worry about what Apple has up their sleeve for iOS and the iPhone this year.

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